Chad’s written about pretty much everything—from school-board budgets and small-town crime, to land-use rights and real estate. Today, he dedicates most of his time to eating his way through Portland, penning stories for various publications and musing about Oregon’s food scene—its dishes, chefs, restaurants and food carts, players and trends. 

A Michigander by birth, Chad has called Portland home since 2008. Armed with a degree in English, he’s spent a significant part of his adult life working in the food industry in Sun Valley, Idaho, and in Portland—because what else are you gonna do with an English degree, right? 

While he works way too much, he can occasionally be seen re-tweeting Kenji Lopez Alt, reading Kenji Lopez Alt’s book, listening to ALL the podcasts (if KLA is in it, even better), and trying hard to ignore his rescue cat, Lola, quite possibly the most talkative cat in the United States.