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There are lots of reasons I wanna see Chris Serena and Gavin Duffy’s Devil’s Dill Sandwiches succeed. Here are a few…well, several:

  • their sandos have crunch (the insides of their rolls are brushed with olive oil and then grilled over open flames)
  • they’ll wrap your sando in gluten-free bread, if you want
  • they sell Pickleapolis Pickles
  • they’re open late (till 3am)
  • they deliver late (till 2:30am to homes that fall within a 1.5 mile radius)
  • they work hard (14-hour days, six days a week)
  • they make a lot of mean sandwiches (a meatloaf, a cheesesteak and a pair of vegan-vegetarian sandwiches)
  • they just might make the best Italian grinder in town.

Now, the thing about Italian sandwiches is, they may be easy to make, but they’re deceptively hard to perfect.

And Devil’s Dill’s No. 3 isn’t just perfect, it transcends the genre.

Like all Devil's Dill sandos, it comes on an 8-inch custom-made Fleur de Lis ciabatta roll. But even though the sandwich's meats (Molinari salami and mortadella) and cheese (provolone) are all of high caliber, they seem, compared to other ingredients (balsamic vinegar aioli, a tart cherry pepper relish and fresh kale massaged in olive oil, sea salt and white wine vinegar) like mere filler.

In other words, the meats and cheese satisfy, but the kale and the peppers will awaken each and every one of your tastebuds, which will in turn serenade each bite with sing the same pretty love song.

If you’re looking to order one and dine in, don’t—it’s grab ’n’ go only here. Unless, of course, it’s 2am, and you’re lucky to live with their delivery radius.

if that’s the case, it sure beats pizza, right? And while A Devil’s Dill sando may be one helluva way to sop up whatever you’ve fun you’ve been having in the preceding hours, you’re kind of doing yourself a disservice. A good one, but a disservice nonetheless.

Because the No. 3, like all good things, is best enjoyed on an empty stomach and with a clear head. Your mouth will tanks you, but so will your brain and, inevitably, your heart.

Devil's Dill Sandwich Shop, 1711 SE Hawthorne Blvd., 503.236.8067