Your Blog

Being active online is paramount. But to really be effective you need a blog. Your blog tells the story of each dish and drink. Your blog should:

  • have a photo to show your guests exactly what they're missing
  • be categorized, and encoded with descriptive metadata, like keywords for prime Search Engine Optimization
  • be short, snappy and fun to read
  • be updated two to three times each week


Your Social Media Strategy

To maximize your Social Media Strategy, you need to:

  • be consistent—post often, without over-saturating your message
  • know your audience—the people who fan you on Facebook and follow you on Twitter have different motivations and the way they use each platform is very different
  • cross-promote, with your purveyors, your suppliers and your fellow service industry workers


Maximizing Your Social Media Reach 

There are lots of ways to drive people to your site. But the best way is to engage your guests in a language they'll understand. You have to know who they are, what they expect and what they want. And the best way to engage your guests online is to make it fun.

In other words, It's not what you say, it's how you say it.

Here are a few successful examples of ways I've reached out to readers in order to get them to visit my clients' site:

For The Original

Do you like lollipops? If so, you'll love our Baby Back Ribs, because eating them's like eating lollies made of meat. ☛

It's National Hot Dog Month, Portland. Try our foot-long, half-pound, all-beef Frank N. Furter-inspired creations that've earned the Charles Atlas Seal of Approval. ☛

Had Benjamin Franklin has his way, there'd be no Turkey Burgers today. Doesn't mean we'd be roasting eagles, but still. Thanks, other framers! ☛

We all know that an apple a day'll keep the doctor away, but our Apple Pie Hot Toddy'll cure your ennui, too. ☛


For Smokehouse 21

If we had a coat of arms, it would feature a pig. Atop that pig would be a fat, happy child. And that child would be eating a bowl of what you've been craving. ☛

Smokehouse 21's Smoked Portobello Sando: Saving Rocky Relationships Since 2012. ☛

When you eat an heirloom tomato, it's like your tongue is an orchestra, and your taste buds a choir that tomato conducts. Or to put it in a way that's less talk, more rock: Daaaamn. Those tomatoes in our heirloom tomato salad are soooo goooood. Put some in you. ☛

Come try our Pork 'n' Beans, a homemade Frito Pie made for the sole purpose of pleasing the Juggalo within us all. ☛